2019 Holiday Turkey Pre-orders

This holiday season, Schenck Foods is partnering with Whiffletree Farms to bring you local pasture-raised turkeys!


Whiffletree Farms, located in Warrenton, VA, was started in 2012 by Jesse Straight and Jonathan Elliot. Their goal is to farm in a way that is good for all parties involved; the land, the animals, their families, customers, and community. They seek to first respect the needs of the land and animals, and work in coordination with nature.  

Whiffletree Farm's turkeys enjoy the expanse of their "race track field" and are moved regularly to fresh pasture so that they can gobble (pun intended) down the grass. Turkeys are excellent foragers and the deep flavor of their birds reflects that. The turkeys also get a non-GMO feed when necessary.

Meet Your Farmers

Jesse Straight, farmer and founder of Whiffletree Farm, was born and raised in Fauquier County, graduating from Fauquier High School in 2000.

Jesse finished his studies in religion and pre-med at UVA, married his wife Liz, and worked in Charlottesville. It was reading a book by Wendell Berry that inspired him to learn more about farming.  Through reading, visiting farmers, and making forays into small farming ventures, Jesse & Liz made the decision to move back to Warrenton to start their farm business! They were happy to return to Warrenton, and were hardly ready for all the ways in which they would find themselves well-befriended and cared for there.

By 2012 the business was in need of additional acreage, and the Straights moved to Whiffletree Farm where they have been ever since.

Jesse is an advocate for animal welfare and good farming practices based on nature's natural rhythm. He has a passion for connecting with the region’s chefs, and most recently with Schenck Foods, in order to bring quality, pasture-raised proteins to both your home table and the establishments where you dine-out with your families.

Jonathan Elliott first met Jesse in 2010, while studying engineering at UVA.  Reading The Omnivore's Dilemma had piqued his interest in farming and he connected with Jesse just in time to come up and help with processing one of Jesse's first batches of chickens.  

After working in Northern Virginia for a couple of years and spending another two studying medieval theology, all the while coming to help out at the farm as time allowed, Jesse invited Jonathan to join him full-time.